Energy Savings Plan (ESP)


What Does SunView LED Deliver?

SunView LED’s Retrofit Energy Savings Program (ESP) is a unique, effective, energy efficiency program that guarantees our customers savings. The ESP allows our customers to upgrade their facilities to state-of-the-art LED lighting technology with little or no initial up-front costs. Our ESP is designed to:

  • Provide a real actual reduction in total costs of lighting including the electrical utility cost attributable to lighting.
  • Offer the option of a no advance cost program as well as various financing options that can include payment at time of agreement.
  • Management of installation and provision of extra bulbs as per agreement over the warranty period at no extra cost.
  • Provide financing solutions that typically average five years and include a five year product warranty plan.
  • Provide a lock-in savings plan.
  • Offer a payment plan based on energy savings only.
  • Offer the highest technologically developed LED lighting in the industry.
  • Provide lighting with the lowest capable energy use combined with the highest return on investment.

How does SunView LED Provide an ESP?

Once a potential customer expresses real interest to our trained professional Sales Representatives, SunView begins the process of an analysis and audit for that customer. We prepare an ESP option for that customer which will demonstrate immediate savings after the installation of our retrofitted LED lighting. Using sophisticated proprietary computer software, our trained engineering team will design lighting solutions specific to the customer’s facility requirements.

Once the LED lighting retrofit has been designed, SunView works with the customer to determine the specifics of the ESP that best accommodates the customer’s needs. As a unique funding mechanism, the ESP allows SunView to collect our fees in several ways that do not involve the customer placing money up front for the lighting and installation process. One of SunView’s typical funding mechanisms is a percentage sharing of the savings the customer realizes due to increased cash flow from more efficient energy use. Our ESP is designed on a one-to-one basis with consideration to the scope of the project details and the products involved.

Unlike our competitors, SunView LED provides a lock-in savings plan. This means that any repayment plans are at a fixed cost over time. The lock-in repayment cost will not change over time, even though the cost of electricity use price rises. We never add a percentage increase due to increase of electricity cost over time. Our aim is to help you reduce costs immediately and finance an LED retrofitted installation with minimum cost output and maximum energy efficiency usage with the greatest return on your investment.

Finally, another reason why SunView LED distinguishes itself from our competitors is that we assist our customers with the process of any applicable incentives or rebates given to them for upgrading to environmentally safer and more energy efficient systems. We also never keep any percentage of those rebates or incentives. That money goes directly to our customers adding more financial incentives to use only SunView LED!

With SunView LED, the customer receives the best savings over time, the finest product on the market, one hundred percent of the benefit of our manufacturing and technological expertise, the most interoperable networking solutions available, and detailed customer focus. Why go anywhere else?

Complete our contact page and our calculations information page to begin your process of a retrofitted or new installation of the most effective, efficient energy saving LED lighting solution in the industry.